Our novel technology uses cranial nerve stimulation to enhance recovery after a stroke. Building on the proven principles of cranial nerve stimulation timed with repetitive rehabilitation, our non- invasive version pushes the boundaries to expand access to more stroke survivors.

Neurastatis Device

We aspire to help survivors reclaim more independence.

Survivors may be able to recover functionality that can help them appreciate the small things - cooking, making pottery, playing an instrument, or simply playing with a loved one.

Timed delivery of neurotransmitter release with increases in blood flow to the brain can promote recovery, even in survivors who have lived with disability for years. Many survivors have been overlooked in our healthcare system and did not receive rehabilitation, missing the window of opportunity that insurers cover. Our technology aims to expand that window, providing new hope for recovery.

The technology is being evaluated in a clinical trial focused on upper arm recovery.

7M stroke survivors in the US living with disability

80% of stroke survivors suffer from a form of upper motor dysfunction

NeuraStasis is also developing a modified version of its technology to protect patients from neurological damage during an emergent stroke. ​