Neurostimulation to Provide Neuroprotection

Acute ischemic stroke is a devastating disease that is caused by a sudden blockage of blood flow to the brain. Often, the damage that results deprives survivors of a normal life. At 5 years, 70% of patients will be either disabled or dead. 


One important unaddressed aspect is that the damage from stroke occurs over time. Since every minute can make a difference over a lifetime, we need ways to slow down the complex progression of ischemia to preserve the brain.


Early in an ischemic stroke, returning perfusion is the most powerful way to slow down this process. Without removing the blockage, the best way is to amplify blood flow through collateral blood vessels – ones that could water the same area if the spigot was turned all the way up. As the stroke progresses, other aspects begin having an impact on cell death determination. These include inflammation and excitotoxic neurotransmitter release, among others.

Our neurostimulator aims to address both aspects by leveraging the body’s innate neural connections.

Our technology is designed to be a fast, safe, and smart electrical stimulation device designed to be deployed during an emergency to preserve brain tissue.


This is an investigational medical device currently under development undergoing pre-clinical testing supported by the NIH.

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