Pausing damage during Ischemic Stroke
When treatment is a race against time, pressing pause can be the difference in preventing a lifetime of disability.

NeuraStasis protects tissue, allowing more time to intervene

Novel proprietary technology stimulates the body’s innate neuroprotective reflexes – placing neural tissue into stasis – preserving the brain and giving providers more time to act. 

Preventing disability after stroke remains a persistent need


In treating acute ischemic stroke, “Time is Brain.” Damage to the brain can rapidly cause permanent disability or death without intervention.


Using proprietary noninvasive neurostimulation, NeuraStasis aims to slow down the spread of damage, protecting patients awaiting treatment.


NeuraStasis is on a mission to change the paradigm of stroke care. Everyone deserves a chance at returning to their normal lives after a stroke.

A Bridge to Care

Using non-invasive electrical stimulation, NeuraStasis is developing a
much-needed bridge to care – a way to slow the spread of ischemic damage during a
devastating medical emergency

Rapid Deployment

Designed to conform to multiple anatomies easily and begin treatment within minutes

Smart Neurostimulation

A proprietary stimulation algorithm activates brainstem reflexes to help preserve tissue

Scientific Principles

The technology is built on the principles of ischemic progression and preclinical neurostimulation research

Experienced Staff

The technology is being developed in concert with leading experts in stroke and neurovascular product development

Practical Design

The device will be capable of use in multiple care settings and transferred with patients

Expert Opinions

Stroke Care and NeuraStasis in the News

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Despite workflow efficiency improvements and increased access, stroke care will never be instantaneous.

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